Plank, make way for a Passerelle!

When cruising the Med and mooring astern, getting ashore can be a problem. When your old, wet, splintered plank finally gives up and floats out to sea, a removable folding passerelle / gangway could offer you the perfect solution – both in handling and stowage on the boat.

The passerelles/gangways we offer are designed for one person to handle and deploy, and are also designed with high load capacities – up to 350kg – making them a safe and comfortable way to get on and off your boat.

They are easy to use and a brilliant alternative to the heavier and bulkier gangways – or the more popular ‘plank’. They can also be fitted with stanchions to offer further comfort and security when stepping ashore.

A lightweight solution

Weight is one of the most important considerations in deploying and handling the gangway, followed by storage aboard as a keen second – that’s why we’ve selected our range of gangways to be as light as possible and super easy to stow away on board.

The heaviest of our gangways is 2.5 metres long and weighs just 15kg. It’s made from teak grating to keep the weight down and certainly has the ‘looks’. But if teak isn’t sleek enough for you, we also offer a range of carbon fibre gangways, which are the most expensive, as well as composite gangways which are almost as light as the carbon, but don’t quite carry the looks or the price tag.

Choose safety first

Safety should be very high on your list of priorities when it comes to choosing a gangway / passerelle. The hinge systems on all our products have undergone intensive testing and have extra safety features built in.

Our teak and composite gangways are fitted with a hinge system which won an award at METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show) – an international show held annually in Amsterdam.

GS Composites were nominated for an award, and have developed a safety catch which slides into the hinges to secure the open position and give it the robustness of a solid gangway. These can be removed and the gangway folded for stowage.

The Nemo 3-part gangway, also features an extra arm to support the joining section.

Size matters

With passarelles/gangways ‘size does matter’. When moored astern, your gangway needs to be big enough to reach the pontoon (or it could be quite embarrassing!) and when sailing away, it needs to be small enough to be stowed. Three part gangways offer the most flexibility and can often be stowed on deck, on the transom or in the transom locker.

Our passarelles/gangways range in length from 1 metre to 3.20 metres, from single solid passerelles/gangways to folding two-part or three-part arrangements.  We also offer a range of accessories including flush deck socket, safety deck sockets, trapeze, stanchions and storage bags.

You choose and we’ll deliver

We hold some stock and spare parts in the UK, but much of our logistics are done through our partners who always have plenty of stock, alleviating long lead times and giving us the ability to deliver quickly and easily into Europe and the rest of the world.

Having listened and learnt from our customers since 1998 we have gained a much better understanding of their requirements and the problems they face. Together with the support of our suppliers we are able to direct them in making the best choice, offering an excellent service both during and after purchase, and most importantly, selling a product where quality really matters!

See for yourself in Southampton

Visit our stand at the Southampton Boat Show 12-22nd September to see our exciting display of gangways… and try them for yourselves!