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GS Carbon 220-320cm

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Beautifully styled gangways with all the features make it a popular choice. Being extremely light and easy to use, the square-shaped outboard end lends stability to the gangway, and together with the certified non-slip finish, results in a comfortable safe gangway when embarking or disembarking.

The low profile design makes it easy to store and it can be ordered with a padded storage bag with handles.

The price includes a choice of designs, non-slip colours or a teak-look non-slip. The boat name can be added and proof will be sent to confirm your choice before the gangway is put into production.

The standard gangway is the full carbon version which is available in white or dark blue, other options include the Prestige – top of the range in the black carbon finish, or the Carbon Look which shows the black carbon through the non-slip on the one side, and white or dark blue on the underside.

Optional extras include a deck socket or safety deck socket, deck socket cover to prevent water collecting, trapeze, carbon handrail, storage bag, The gangway can be customised with a colour of your choice, teak on the surface, your boat name.

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Product Features

Customisation – Carbon Look

The Carbon Look model has carbon fibre visible on the top of the gangway, giving the design and name of the boat an elegant look.
Non-slip finish in light grey or a choice of colours

Customisation- Teak Look

the Teak Look is ideal for boat owners who like the look of teak, but not the weight. Non-slip brown finish, white or black caulking to match the boat

Customisationi- Prestige

The Prestige Carbon model has carbon fibres on the full surface of the gangway and is coated with a special transparent UV-resistant finish

Customisation – Dark Blue Model

A version of the Full carbon model with an added dark blue pigment during production. A good choice for boats with a dark blue hull, non-slip in light grey or any other colour of choice

Customisation – Full Carbon

The full carbon model is a basic white colour with a non-slip finish in light or dark grey or a colour of choice assures protection against sun exposure

Customisation — Teak Finish

The GS Carbon gangway can be finished in teak to match your boat — or even the marina!

Integrated Wheels

The integrated wheels are secure and well-protected with attachment points for side ropes or the trapeze.

Sleek Design

The hinges on our gangways are specially designed to fold flat — making stowage extremely easy.

Custom Designs

Carbon fibre gangways are not only functional, light, robust and beautiful, but is part of the pleasure you enjoy when you are on board — add a personal touch and customise your gangway to match the style of your boat.

GS Carbon 220-320cm Specifications

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ProductLengthWidthWeightStyleMaterialMax Load
GS Carbon 220-320cm 220cm 35cm 8.0 Kg 2-part Folding Gangway Carbon Fibre 350kg
GS Carbon 220-320cm 260cm 35cm 9.0 Kg 2-part Folding Gangway Carbon Fibre 350kg
GS Carbon 220-320cm 260cm 45cm 15.5 Kg 2-part Folding Gangway Carbon Fibre 350kg
GS Carbon 220-320cm 320cm 45cm 16.5 Kg 2-part Folding Gangway Carbon Fibre 350kg
GS Carbon 220-320cm 200cm 35cm 6.5 Kg Solid Gangway Carbon Fibre 250kg