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Gangways & Passerelles

As UK distributors of lightweight gangways and passerelles, we have selected the best quality products from Italy, Germany and Slovenia. Each of our suppliers have been building gangways of quality and reliability for many years and have won awards and nominations for these products, not only for their quality, but for the innovative features they present.

Types of Gangway

The Carbon, Composite and Teak gangways/passerelles, provide a choice of boarding solutions for all types of yachts and boats, whether your requirements are for a two part or three part folding or a single solid gangway/passerelle.

The Carbon gangway/passerelle is the lightest and with its innovative design, its place is on the top tier of nautical equipment.

A popular alternative to the Carbon gangway is the Optima passerelle which has the same ergonomic shape and ultra-slim design as the Carbon gangway, closely followed by the lightweight Teak gangway and Composite gangways/passerelles.

A range of accessories are available for all of our gangways – storage bags, transom sockets, trapeze and handrails, and even custom features.

  1. Choose Your Material

    The more you spend, the lighter your gangway. The lighter your gangway, the easier it is to carry, move and stow.

  2. Choose Your Size

    Our shortest gangway is 2 metres long, our longest is 6 metres. We have a bunch in between in wide and narrow options.

  3. Choose Your Finish

    Our lighter, more expensive gangways can be customised. You can choose white, sky blue, normal blue and dark blue – you can show off the carbon fibre weave or even add your own design!

Solid or Folding?

1-part Solid Gangways

Our solid gangways are a good choice when storage is not a problem. They are lighter and less expensive and are available in varying lengths.

Sturdy and safe, easy to handle and deploy even by one person, a perfect choice.

2-part Folding Gangways

The exceptional feature of a two part folding gangway is that it is easy to store because it folds in half.

Our two-part folding gangways have an exceptionally well-designed locking hinge system which guarantees both safety and longevity.

3-part Folding Gangways

These extremely versatlie and easy to use gangways fold small and compact, allowing them to be easily stowed on board, in a locker or on the transom.

Each type of gangway is availalbe with a range of useful accessories.

Once a gangway / passerelle has been deployed for boarding, it is constantly moving - an extremely important occurence and one not always taken into consideration when purchasing a gangway / passerelle.

Our gangways are manufactured in Italy, Slovenia and Germany.

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