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Gangways & Passerelles

As UK distributors of lightweight carbon fibre gangways and passerelles, we have selected the best quality products from Italy, Germany and Slovenia.

Each of our suppliers has been building gangways of quality and reliability for many years and have won awards and nominations for these products, not only for their quality but for the innovative features they present.

We offer Carbon Fibre, Teak and Composite Gangways with a huge range of accessories.

Alba 220cm

£2,270.00 ex VAT

Allegra 350cm

£6,000.00 ex VAT

Anna 500cm

£13,600.00£16,200.00 ex VAT

Aurora 216cm

£3,700.00 ex VAT

Calipso 216cm

£2,500.00 ex VAT

Diana 450cm

£11,500.00£13,700.00 ex VAT

Elisa 550cm

£13,000.00£15,600.00 ex VAT

GS Carbon 220cm+

£2,010.00£4,868.00 ex VAT

Interra 200cm+

£694.00£1,134.00 ex VAT

Laura 600cm

£13,900.00£16,500.00 ex VAT

Libera 285cm

£4,700.00 ex VAT

Venus 285cm

£3,800.00 ex VAT