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Libera 285cm

£4,700.00 ex VAT

A beautiful gangway carbon gangway with extra-hard, anti-UV, polished carbon surface as standard.matt or high gloss transparent UV protected coating on superyacht models. Grey non-slip tread finish RAL 7036, standard on the whole range.a

The Libera 285 is manufactured from the best available material ( 100% pre-preg fabrics and carbon moulds) using the latest technology, resulting in a very light, strong product of extremely high quality.

These gangways are suitable for sailing yachts, motor yachts, sportfishing yachts, catamarans, trimarans, superyachts, and more.

It comes complete with the handrail, male pin, wheels , dockside eye bolts for trapeze and guys, and integral carbon hinges with an anti-folding restraint and is suitable for sailing, motor yachts, sportfishing boats, catamarans, trimarans, tenders and superyachts

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Product Features

Integrated Wheels

The integrated wheels are secure and well-protected with attachment points for side ropes or the trapeze.

Sleek Design

The hinges on our gangways are specially designed to fold flat — making stowage extremely easy.

High Quality Production

The most advanced techniques in the field of carbon composites guarantees unsurpassed lightness, strength and durability. All of our gangways are manufactured to the highest industry standard to ensure safety in all situations.

Custom Designs

Carbon fibre gangways are not only functional, light, robust and beautiful, but is part of the pleasure you enjoy when you are on board — add a personal touch and customise your gangway to match the style of your boat.

No Corrosion

Our carbon fibre gangways are manufactured using the most advanced production techniques to guarantee reliability and durability. Carbon composites remain unchanged over time, even in the absence of maintenance.

UV Protection

Our gangways are coated with a special transparent UV resistant coating — protecting it from UV radiation and sea damage.

Light Construction

A carbon gangway is not only aesthetically pleasing but is extremely light, making them easier to handle, even by one person, offering greater safety and if it falls in the water, it floats!

Non-slip Surface

The tops of our gangways are coated with a polyurethane anti-slip finish, available in different RAL colours, certified by the nautical industry.

Libera 285cm Specifications

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ProductLengthWidthWeightStyleMaterialMax Load
Libera 285cm 285cm 45cm 8.4 Kg 2-part Folding Gangway Carbon Fibre 500kg