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Feathering Propellers

JProp self-adjusting variable pitch propellers are ideal for all sailboats and sailing yachts. Renowned for their durability, efficiency, and simplicity in installation and adjustment, these propellers are designed to meet sailors’ needs. With blades that feather 180 degrees, they minimize drag, enhance boat manoeuvrability by eliminating prop walk during sailing and deliver exceptional performance in reverse.

This propeller stands out for its ease of installation and adjustment. Available in 2, 3, and 4-blade configurations and for Saildrives, The J-Prop is delivered fully assembled and can be installed on the shaft just like any other propeller. Once installed, adjusting the pitch to the optimal setting for top performance is straightforward.

J Prop Classic

Sail Drive Propeller

From £1,675.00 ex VAT

J Prop Classic

Shaft Line Propeller

From £1,783.00 ex VAT

J Prop Eco Power

Sail Drive Propeller (up to 250hp)

From £1,842.00 ex VAT

J Prop Eco Power

Shaft Line Propeller (up to 250hp)

From £1,961.00 ex VAT