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Mast, Spreader & Boom Lights

Our range of LED deck, spreader and boom lights offer excellent lumen output and are IP65 tested and proven.

The powerful LEDs illuminate with a minimum of power consumption and are made of turned aluminium with different surface finishes for all-size yachts and boats

Boom LED 6000 Series

£152.00£163.00 ex VAT

Boom LED 6100 series

£70.00£105.00 ex VAT

Mast LED 6800

£185.00 ex VAT

Mast LED 6900

£185.00£252.00 ex VAT

Spreader LED 6500 Series

£185.00£223.00 ex VAT

Spreader LED 6600 Series

£185.00£223.00 ex VAT