Easy to stow Gangways / Passerelles

Stowing a gangway can be problematic for some, unless you have a compact gangway which will stow easily into your transom locker with little time and effort required.

Neat and discreet

The Nemo Universal gangway folds neatly into a compact size, making stowage easy and effortless. The hinges are stainless steel and have a very clever, well designed locking system which offers great confidence to the user.

The rest of the gangway is made of anodised aluminium and Iroko and comes in lengths of two metres and two and a half metres.

Nemo Universal Gangway

Besides its compact size and lightness, this gangway has another clever feature. The teak treads are curved at the top so when the gangway is held vertically, the teak treads become steps, and because of the gangways pivotal design this can now be used as a bathing ladder.

Two stainless steps which are optional, can be hung off the bottom of the gangway, allowing easy access into the water.

The two metre gangway weighs 12 Kg, whereas the two and a half metre gangway is 16 Kg – extra weight due to the strong hinges that are used.

About the NUG

The Nemo Universal gangway / passerelle is manufactured in Italy and has proved its longevity, quality and worth since it was first introduced to the UK by Calibra Marine in 1998.

The very first gangway was bought at the Southampton Boat Show in 1999 for a Moody 42, which in those days was a pretty large boat. Every year at the show, the proud owners of this gangway visit the Calibra stand to express their gratitude and complement its use.

Aluminium you say?

Nemo have also produced a 3-part folding, two metre gangway in aluminium, which although weighs in at 17 Kg, it’s a lot lighter on the price.

Nemo three part Aluminium

A lighter option

At Calibra, we aim to find the lighter options when it comes to gangways, and are pleased to also offer the Interra Composite three part gangway. Although it’s not as compact, it’s nevertheless extremely durable and light and available in a two metre and two and a half metre length.

Interra Composite three part

The Composite is made up of a beehive cell structure to which it owes its strength and robustness. This gangway also has a locking hinge mechanism which was nominated for an award at the Marine Equipment International Trade Show, held annually at the RAI in Amsterdam.

They are used extensively by charter companies both in the single and two-part versions, and come with a bag for easy stowage.

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