Boom 6000 LED Lights

These functional, sleek well designed IP67 boom light is a perfect solution for lighting up the cockpit area. They comes in two widths, the 6000 series which are 300 x 13 x 8mm or the 6100 series, 300 x 20 x 8mm with 1500mm cable and are designed to slide into the recess under the boom and come with 1500mm of cable

The 24 LEDs give an equivalent amount of light to a 20W halogen bulb, but the power consumption on the 12V is only 2.5W and on the 24V, only 3W. With a lifetime of more the 50,000 hours these lights are built to last. They are manufactured in aluminium with a choice of finishes in the natural anodize (titan) or white lacquered.

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