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Composite Flush Deck Hatches

Solimar Hatches are meticulously crafted to meet the most demanding requirements, resulting in an industrial product that maintains quality standards.

With a sleek and low-profile design, Solimar offers many standard hatches to choose from—rectangular, square, or trapezoidal—which are installed on teak or painted decks with or without ‘glass'(perspex—standard colour grey fumé ). The hinges and gas struts are made of stainless steel, and dog locks (handles) are made of stainless steel or aluminium.

Composite materials such as carbon fibre or fibreglass are highly suitable for all types of boats, offering the benefits of durability, lightweight construction, and corrosion resistance. Traditionally, these hatches were expensive to produce due to the need for custom moulds and hand-laid construction. However, Solimar has overcome this challenge by developing a range of custom-sized moulds (062B), allowing for the production of a wide variety of hatch sizes at a more competitive price point.
Furthermore, Solimar has innovated with a line of high-quality hatches manufactured using CNC technology (064B), offering an extensive range of sizes, possibly the largest available worldwide, to meet the diverse needs of production boats, custom vessels, maxi and megayachts, both sail and power, as well as for refitting projects.
All Solimar hatches are EEC certified, ensuring compliance with rigorous quality and safety standards. These hatches can be installed using various methods, including glueing, laminating, or bolting directly to the deck, providing flexibility and ease of installation for boat owners and builders alike.

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