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J Prop Eco Power

Sail Drive Propeller (up to 250hp)

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Product Features

Industry Approved

The JProp Sail Drive has been approved by Yanmar for Sail Drive® engines

Fail Safe Mechanism

The safe mechanism ensures that there is no loss of power if damage occurs, it remains engaged even if it gets damaged.

The splines and conical clamps ensure that the mounting is secure.

Pitch Adjustment

Adjusting the pitch requires only a few, very easy operations for removing the zinc and protective gears.

As with all JPROP models, the pitch of the JPROP EP propeller can easily be changed by removing the anode from the ogival nose and unscrewing the protective gears.

By easily turning the ogival nose and following the simple instructions in the handbook, you will be able to set the pitch of your propeller with perfect precision.

Automatic Blade Rotation

The most important feature of all JPROP propellers is the automatic blade rotation, which during engine operation quickly changes the pitch from forward to reverse.

Due to this feature, the same power is achieved in both operations and even a better performance in reverse, which is really important in particular on a classic or vintage boat.

Moreover, while cruising, the propeller has free rotation to easily obtain the feathered position for minimum drag under sail.

Elliptical Blade

In the feathered position, J Prop reduces drag under sail.

The blade design provides equal thrust in reverse and forward.

Differentially Geared Pitch Adjustment

The pitch setting is determined by the amount of rotation the planetary gears are allowed by the internal stop in the adjustable tail cone.

As the shaft (C) and the drive gear (B) rotate clockwise, the planetary gears (G) rotate the blades (F).  The pitch gear (E) rotates counter-clockwise in this differential system.

The housing remains stationary until the blades and pitch gear have rotated to the internal stop and therefore the pitch setting

Helical Gears

J Prop uses only helical (or continuously engaged) gears, resulting in two distinct advantages:

  • The blades of the propeller will have identical pitch at all times
  • Helical gears have a large contact area producing more strength and less wear