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Skiff Barometer

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The SKIFF barometer is a more modern series manufactured by Wempe, and provides a precise measurement of the atmospheric pressure, making it easier to forecast the weather for the next few days.

It is one of the most important marine instruments to have on board a boat, but can also be used as a reliable method to forecast the weather on land

The Wempe SKIFF has a white 80mm dial and is available in brass or chrome plated brass housing which is 110mm in diameter and 42mm in height.

£195.00 ex VAT
£210.00 ex VAT

Skiff Barometer Specifications

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ProductCollectionInstrument DiameterDial DiameterDepthDial FaceMaterialMovement
Skiff Barometer Skiff 110mm 80mm 42mm White Brass 1-diaphram hPa/mmHg
Skiff Barometer Skiff 110mm 80mm 42mm White Chrome-plated brass 1-diaphram hPa/mmHg

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