Stuck for ideas for Christmas?

Stuck for gift ideas for Christmas? Here are some great ideas…….

670103 Peters Stormglass (1)

Watch the fern-like crystals build up and disappear as the weather changes…

Believed to have been first used in about 1750 to predict stormy weather, first reports on its use, were on board the Darwin Expedition in 1831-1836 aboard HMS Beagle under the command of Captain Fitzroy who throughout his career used it on sea and land.

The Peter Storm Glass is a completely new modern design, manufactured in stainless steel,  and will look exceptional  wherever it is hung, next to a window or on a boat.  The Stig Larsen Stormglass is manufactured in brass, polished stainless and brushed stainless based on more classic line


wempe-barometer -pilot- IV-

Wempe Chrometerwerke founded in 1905 has always devoted itself to the exacting task of manufacturing precise maritime instruments and nautical timekeeping systems. Clocks, Barometers, Hygro/thermometers, Comforters, Tide Clocks….  timeless design and quality, which will look the part aboard any sailing boat, in an office or at home. Wempe manufacture using only the highest quality materials and elegant designs for active sailors or anybody who has an affinity to the maritime way of life!  Available as a single  piece or on a wooden plate……



The Ellipse Oil Lamp was designed by Jan Olf Landquvist, a very experienced and active designer living in Sweden. These beautiful table lamps, are manufactured in polished or brushed stainless steel.  The lamp have opalescent triplex glass, three layers, clear on the surface, white in the middle and clear on the inside, giving an improved light and cosy atmosphere.

600101 Fyrskib


Fyrscrib’ is a candle lamp for tea lights with a contemporary marine look.

Designed by Peter Seidelin Jessen, whose interest in ships and marine surroundings,  the  use  of  brass and stainless steel  as complementary materials in his design,  and with his special interest in candle lights ( Danes call them ‘living lights’) the Fyrscrib was created.

‘Flickerless’, sootless and a steady flame created by the intake of air through a hole in the bottom of the lamp , a heat shield and glass,  a classic timeless Danish design with marine character was born!

On a table or suspended from the wall, an ideal place on  any sailing boat or at home

Portlight Tea-Lights

Designed by Peter Seidelin Jensen 2006.  These charming tea light with a maritime design, are easy stow , ready to be brought out to create the ambiance of an evening in the cockpit on board a boat, but also have an ideal place on a  dinner table,  in a bathroom…. or on a shelf

Manufactured from stainless steel, brushed stainless of lacquered brass, they have a hole in the base to secure a cooling airflow to between the tealight and the glass, preventing the tealight holder from getting unpleasantly hot.


Sorenson Oil Lamp


The golden age of sailing is still expressed in today’s Ship’s lamps! Re-introduced in 1989 as the ‘100 year lamp’ ,  the  same tools and  methods dating back to the late 19th century are used in manufacture.  Each lamp is forged from the finest quality brass, paying attention to form and detail, finished by hand and individually numbered.  Available in lacquered brass or chromed brass, gimballed to cope with heavy seas.


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