This year is all about carbon

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A great line up of products for this year’s show with an emphasis on carbon….

Carbon Gangways

Exit Carbon increased their range of gangways by introducing two new products, Calipso (216 x 390) and the Venus (285 x 450), although they are slightly heavier than their counterparts the traditional the Aurora and Libera, they are competitively priced yet still retain the essence of craftsmanship and design. Exit gangways build gangways up to 600 x 55cm both in a solid and folding version. On show will be the Calipso only 6 Kg.

ExitCarbon Calipso216 Perspective

GS Composites Carbon gangways, offer four sizes from 220cm to 320cm. Their unique design ensures safety when boarding with optional extras including handrails. A choice of the painted version in white or dark blue, the carbon look with visible carbon on the upper face of the gangway and then the top of the range the Prestige, with visible carbon on both sides.


Swim ladders

What makes a carbon swim ladder special, is their lightness and manageability. The Exit carbon swim ladders go a step further … versatility resulting in various combination and ensuring maximum use.  The strong and beautiful Giotto handholds can be fitted on deck quickly and safely with flush mounts, where and when required even-on swim platforms – a solution for tenders and motor yachts. Available in different width with an overall height of 70cm.


The Giotto Scala’s (ladder) basic straight module can be joined to form longer ladders for different positions onboard. the number of steps and widths allow infinite combinations, 2 – 10 steps, 40 – 65cm width. The steps are designed with the Giottos’O’ round section for maximum comfort.

Both these elements combine to form the Giotto complete. 

‘Helios’ Sun Awning (Bimini) Poles

A combination of strength and beauty designed for all sized boats, and consist of a high tech carbon fibre construction poles, matt-finished, with a set of female sockets. Available in a variety of lengths from 110cm to 230cm, diameters from 32mm up to 100mm. Easy to set up and stow.

HELIOS is a carbon sun awning system specially designed for small to medium boats. It consists of carbon fibre poles and a set of female deck sockets.
The number of poles might typically be 2 to 4 per yacht, but the choice is up to you.

Carbon Flags

A whole new range of flagpoles, with the highest technology construction and a fantastic matt finishing in different sizes and diameters, fit perfectly on the stern or the deck. The elegant Exit Carbon flagpoles have a stainless steel hook, with light alloy Clamcleat ® to fix the flag halyard.

Carbon Boarding Steps

These are custom built to exacting standards with a choice of colours and teak-laid steps.


Clock & Barometers set in carbon

Wempe’s modern exciting Navigator II Clock and Barometer can be bought individually or in a set mounted in carbon of black piano lacquer finish. Founded in 1905 Wempe Chronometerwerke has always devoted itself to the manufacture of precise marine and nautical timekeeping systems.

A special highlight of the Navigator II is its high-precision quartz movement with a ‘sweep second hand’ and its luminous dials which allows excellent visibility at night, this is further enhanced by the high-quality casing which is made out of solid aluminium with a black anodised finish.

On show is the elegant exciting range form small to large marine instrumentation presented by Wempe.

Carbon & Composite Wheels

Be it carbon or composite, these wheels are ideal for any cruising or racing yacht. Available in four sizes and two stylish versions… the three Y-spoke racing or four-spoke Classic design. Superior strength for increased safety, and very responsive on the helm technology.

Exit Carbon sailboat steering wheels are available in six sizes, ideal for any cruising and racing yacht, and perfect, with their record lightness, for catamarans and trimarans. Stylish with their essential and imitated three-spoke design, their lightness improves helm responsiveness, with superior strength for increased safety

LED Light with functionality

German manufacturer, PREBIT, are constantly upgrading the functionality of the large range of LED lights, suitable for small, medium, large and superyachts.

Prebit-soft dimmer – all of the dimmable lights can be regulated to any intensity by means of the soft switch push button. The memory function ensures that the light switch on at the selected brightness the last time the light was switched on. With the new innovative dim2warm technology which many of the Prebit lights now feature this new warm tone technology which ensures that the light actually gets a warmer colour temperature ( from 3000 – 2200K) as it dims. This provides a nice ‘good-feel’ light similar to the incandescent and halogen bulbs, whereas up until now when the intensity of the light was dimmed the light appeared to become colder.


All lights marked with the USB symbol are now available with a USB charger, which is integrated into the wall housing of the light. It is suitable for charging smartphones, tablet, navigation devices, digital cameras and other devices which require a high charging current.

USB wall sign cg



The Prebit chart lights have all the functionality required for night navigation ( red and white) encompassed in a beautifully designed light. The Flex 07 series has a head that can be manipulated in both directions without having to bend the flex, it switches from white to red by double-clicking the integrated soft dimmer switch, dims in both colours by holding down the soft switch, has memory. Available in 300mm or 500mm flex with options including a USB charger, and black or brown leather on the flex. Why not dress up the finest and most functional chart light on the market …with a USB charger at your navigation station and leather on the flex to create the ultimate in luxury.

Also available are the Flex 05 series with night function… and if the night function is not required, there is a large selection of flex lights with the soft switch and integrated dimming functionality.

The Cabin Classics

After a long search for truly a beautiful boat light, Danish silversmith and designer Povl Frigast began manufacturing these high-quality CABIN lights in 1977. They are a successful combination of design and functionality, inspiration from the era of the large classic yachts.

Previously the CABIN & OCEAN range of lights were either available in brass or chrome.  In order to retain their highly polished finish, the surface was coated with a lacquer, which in certain climates, started to peel off and look rather tatty, as well as showing signs of corrosion. The small and medium CABIN  & OCEAN Classic are now manufactured in 316 stainless steel, the brass version stainless steel and are coated with PVD (physical vapour deposition-  corrosion-resistant brass layer) and without any special care will retain their highly polished finish and be corrosion-free for many many years.

To match these are a range of ceiling lights, the CABIN Anne and CABIN Mia, two sizes, fitted now with LED and offering a choice of night function – switch red/white.

New to this year’s show!

Prebit’s flex 07 table lamp, LED – line IP68… in various options and Juna wall lights.

Visit our stand and get advise on the various alternatives to match your budget… look forward to meeting you — and don’t forget to collect your Lily O’Brien chocolate.

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