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Manufacturer: FOB

The design and geometry of the FOB SWELL , is  a flat twin-fluke symmetrical anchor , fully balanced, short shank.  Manufactured in France -BUREAU VERITAS Ceritificate – HIGH HOLDING POWER.

Exceptional performance, designed to meet the specification and requirements for naval shipyards, dealing with commercial vessels, such as workboats, offshore supply vessels, military patrol boats, windfarm vessels, and also for boats in the leisure industries.

A balanced anchor with a short shank and when hoisted retains optimal position in the hawse pipes ( anchor pockets) or the bow of the ship (stemhead – bow roller)

The   reinforced crown and flat twin-flukes are designed to improve gripping, penetration and to reinforce the holding power in all types of sea beds.  It has balancing weights which stablilize the flat twin flukes to  avoid it tipping over causing damage to the hull while being hoisted.


 Available from 20kg to 750kg


Hot-Dip Galvanized or Stainless Steel 316L

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