FOB Anchors

Practical Boat Owner –
It relates a tale of woe in Greece whereby a yacht attempting to reset anchor in a crowded anchorage without lifting properly, drags over several other boats’ anchor chains, lifting them out in the process, with the subsequent mess all drifting down onto the authors’ vessel. His FOB held them all, in a fresh afternoon breeze until the situation could be brought under control along with severe berating leveled at the perpetrator.

Written by Richard Hare and headed ‘Holding Fast’ ‘……….The FOB earned its spurs in this book, by preventing what could have been an awful disaster, and retained them for the following three years as well’.

Widely used despite the fact that they are not much publicised
Offer a varied range to include the ‘Foblight’, HP, THP, Rock & Swell
Each designed for use in certain mooring requirements
Used extensively in both the commercial and leisure industry