Mechanical Steering Systems

Mechanical Steering Systems

Our Mechanical Steering Systems

Solimar produces 4 different types of mechanical steering systems (pedestals or bulkheads) suitable for sailing and cruising boats from 8 up to 40 meters and over:

Serie 604 Steering system with wire/chain transmission and wire with push-pull conduit
Serie 606 Steering system with textile rope transmission
Serie 607 Steering system with rack and pinion transmission
Serie 650 Steering system with reduction gearbox and universal joints transmission
All the systems can be fitted on a large range of pedestal models (built in light alloy, fibreglass or carbon fibre).

To get the best fluency and stiffness, the sliding on the wheel shafts is on two bearings.

There is also a large range of accessories including quadrants, upright, flat, and adjustable housings built with raw material of top quality. These parts are designed to have the highest security and reliability during the sailing and solving all the problems about the space during the installation.