Power Line LED

Power Line LED

This series of boom light is ideal for replacing an existing boom light, when  a waterproof main cable is already intalled in the boom.  The lights are made of aluminium and anodised or anodised and white lacquered and come with 300mm of cable.

With a IP67 rating it is ideal for use in a boom. The lights are surface mounted and need minimum space, and can also be inserted into the boom recess and fixed with two screws.

The 24 LEDs give off the same warm light as a 20W halogen and the integrated LED driver regulates voltage fluctuation and guarantees a steady light output.

Power consumption 12V – 2.5W and 24V – 3W.  The lifetime of the LEDs is more than 50,ooo hours.  It has no switch

The power line LED series is available in the 6020 dimensions: 300 x 13 x 8mm or the 6120 dimensions: 300 x 13 x 20mm

These lights can also be used for general lighting or as a reading, cabinet, machine room or sail locker light.

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