J Prop EP

J Prop EP

JPROP EP is the natural evolution from our well known AC and SDA propellers.

Not only has a new blade shape been developed to improve the efficiency and the vibration-free qualities that are a feature of our propeller, but have also achieved a faster fully feathered position during cruising.

JPROP EP propeller is available for engines from 8 to 110 HP for shafts and for saildrives.

Automatic Blade Rotation

J Prop Blade Rotation


The most important feature of all JPROP propellers is the automatic blade rotation, which during engine operation quickly changes the pitch from forward to reverse.

Due to this feature you will achieve the same power in both operations and an even better performance in reverse, that is really important in particular on classic or vintage boat.

Moreover, while cruising, the propeller has free rotation to easily obtain the feathered position for minimum drag under sail.

Adjust the Pitch

J Prop Pitch

In order to adjust the pitch there are only a few and very easy operations for removing the zinc and protective gears.

As with all JPROP models, the pitch of the JPROP EP propeller can easily be changed by removing the anode from the ogival nose and unscrewing the protective gears.

Then by easily turning the ogival nose and following the simple instructions in the handbook, you will be able to set the pitch of your propeller with perfect precision.


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