Mast Steps

Mast Steps

Fitted to the mast they provide a safe and secure footholds while climbing or working the mast.

The “Mast Step” is manufactured from a special combination of “Nylon/Glass fibre” which together with its design gives the step enormous strength. With a 3% additive, it makes the mast step UV resistant and prevents material degradation.

There are many benefits of using the new reinforced “Nylon/Glass Fibre” Mast Step:

  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion free
  • No rattling
  • No electrolysis as with stainless steel fitted to aluminium
  • Available in three colours to match the colour of the mast

Each step neatly folds away when you are not using it to ensure it does not snag ropes and sails.

The steps weigh only 165 grams each.

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