Interra (includes free storage bag)

Interra (includes free storage bag)

The Interra gangways are a high-quality lightweight gangway with an economical price tag to match.

They are manufactured in aluminum with a choice of teak or composite panels. The composite panels add very little additional weight to the gangway weighing between 9.5 – 11.2 Kgs. They are also extremely durable and strong due to their construction. The teak is slightly heavier 12.5 – 14.5 Kg, a great choice for classic boats.

There is no riveting or welding in the process of manufacture, all parts are available and are easily replaced or repaired.

The hinge system is an important feature on these gangways, having been nominated at the Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) for an award.

The handles on the hinge pull outwards to release the locking mechanism and once the gangway is open, automatically locks ensuring a safe, sturdy gangway. To fold the gangway, the locks are released and the gangway returns to its compact folded position.

Included in the price is a canvas storage bag with handles.

Optional extras include the deck socket, handrails which can be fitted or purchased as a kit, and a carbon trapeze.

£571.20£1,231.20 inc VAT



2-part Folding Gangway, 3-part Folding Gangway, Solid Gangway


Composite, Teak


200cm, 220cm, 250cm



Max Load


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Interra (includes free storage bag) Variations

Code StyleMaterialLengthWeightPrice
81953-part Folding GangwayComposite220cm12 kg£1,231.20 inc VAT
8193Solid GangwayComposite250cm7.6 kg£727.20 inc VAT
8194Solid GangwayTeak250cm10.1 kg£642.00 inc VAT
8191Solid GangwayComposite200cm7.6 kg£642.00 inc VAT
8192Solid GangwayTeak200cm8.2 kg£571.20 inc VAT
76332-part Folding GangwayTeak200cm12.5 kg£812.40 inc VAT
76452-part Folding GangwayComposite200cm9.5 kg£897.60 inc VAT
76342-part Folding GangwayTeak250cm14.8 kg£897.60 inc VAT
76462-part Folding GangwayComposite250cm11.2 kg£984.00 inc VAT


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