The Calipso 216 has beautifully engineered high strength, light-alloy spring locking hinges specially designed to lock into the open position with an in-built sliding anti-fold restraint.

Combined with the option of the latest handrail system with clip-on stanchions it is light and aesthetically pleasing with all the features of the rest of the range. Extra hard, anti-UV, polished surface, and a light grey non-slip (RAL7036)

It is available with a deck pad or a male pin, safe wheels on a rigid caster, and eyebolts for the trapeze and guys on the outboard end.

The gangway can be customised with the boat’s name or logo, a special design, a custom colour, teak, and different colour non-slip treads.

Calipso Brochure/Pricelist 2020

£3,000.00 inc VAT


Weight6.6 kg




Max Load



2-part Folding Gangway


Carbon Fibre

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