Clausen Clock

Clausen Clock

Tide is the effect of the gravitational attraction of the moon and in a lesser degree of the sun, on the waters of the earth, by which they tend to become heaped up at the point below the moon. At the opposite point to this, so that twice in each lunar day, there is an alternate inflow and outflow on the shores modified by local configurations.

The time from the sun’s highest position one day until the next day’s highest position is 24 hours. The period from the moon’s highest position one day until the next day’s highest position is 24 hours 50 minutes and 28 seconds. A tide clock’s day and night accordingly last 50 minutes and 28 seconds longer than a normal day and night. So the tide clock’s hand will use 12 hours 25 minutes and 14 seconds making one round, whereby the hand is showing precisely the cycles of the tide.

The tide clock shows the flux and reflux of the tides. A tide clock showing “12 o’clock” means high tide, and “6 o’clock” low tide. The period from the low tide at “6 o’clock” till high tide at “12 o’clock” is called the flux, upside, or tide on the flow. The tide clock shows how much time has gone since the last ebb and how long till the next high tide. In the same way, the period from the high tide at “12 o’clock” till low tide at “6 o’clock” is called the reflux, ebb or receding tide. There the tide clock will show how long ago the tide was up and how long before it will have receded. At full moon and new moon the effect of the gravitational attraction of the moon and sun becomes reinforced and an especially big tide-wave, the so-called tidal bore can arise.

The force of tidal waters can vary considerably, all depending on where the shore in question may be. So the tide clock must always be set according to the nature of the local tide. Once your tide clock is set, it will show your local tide correctly and permanently

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Black, Sateen, Tide indicator, White


Brushed stainless steel, Matt black enamel, Stainless Steel



Clausen Clock Variations

Code Dial FaceMaterialWeightPrice
8014BlackStainless SteelNot specified£87.00 inc VAT
8015SateenBrushed stainless steelNot specified£61.20 inc VAT
8016SateenMatt black enamelNot specified£87.00 inc VAT
8020Tide indicatorStainless SteelNot specified£87.00 inc VAT
8023WhiteStainless SteelNot specified£73.20 inc VAT
8018Tide indicatorBrushed stainless steelNot specified£87.00 inc VAT
8019Tide indicatorMatt black enamelNot specified£99.00 inc VAT


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