£912.50 ex VAT

The COMMANDER Series, is a relatively newcomer to the WEMPE Instrument range. Marine precision engineering is combined with a more modern presentation makes this one of the most modern and attractive in the range.

It combines a set of instruments, consisting of a clock, barometer, and thermometer/hygrometer showing time, atmospheric pressure, temperature, and relative humidity in a compact modern assembly.

The instruments of the WEMPE COMMANDER Series are assembled in a matt nickel-plated housing and are mounted in a matt black lacquered wooden board that is only 32mm thick. The clock faces are each 70mm in diameter and the white numerals and red indexes indicate the measured values on a black background. This combination creates an instrument that perfectly fits the technical elegant interior of modern yachts. The WEMPE COMMANDER can be built into existing instrumentation boards or simply be placed on the legs that screw out.

This product can certainly be the highlight in any office or living room