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Carbon Fibre Gangways

Carbon Fibre gangways/passerelles are extremely light and easy to use, the ergonomic shape and sleek, ultra-slim design makes it easy for even one person to deploy. Their design makes them compact and easy to stow.

They are made of carbon fibre both on the walking service and below, square in design on the ends, preventing warping or any feeling of instability and allowing for the integration of the wheels as part of the gangway.


Choose between 4 finishes

  • White

    The Full Carbon model comes white as standard, but can be produced in any colour to match your boat!

  • Blue

    A dark blue pigment is added during production thus making it scratch proof (not entirely true – but when scratched it does not show white!). A perfect match for boats with dark blue hulls.

  • Look

    The Carbon Look is half-way between our Full Carbon and Prestige Gangways. Instead of the colour of the gangway showing through the non-slip, an inlay of varnished carbon is used, giving it the ‘look’ of the Prestige Gangway on the walking surface.

  • Prestige

    Top of the range for looks, the Prestige Carbon gangway – passerelle which shows the perfectly laid carbon fibre. The gangway is coated with a special transparent UV resistant finish, protecting it from UV radiation or sea damage.

Across a range of 32 Sizes

SizePartsLengthWidthWeightLoadFinishesFrom £ (ex VAT)
11200cm35cm8kg250kg £1,700
22216cm39cm6.6kg400kg £2,360
32220cm35cm8kg250kg £1,900
42260cm35cm9kg300kg £2,227
52260cm45cm14.5kg300kg £2,590
62280cm45cm9.4kg400kg £3,600
72320cm45cm16.5kg300kg £4,160
82350cm60cm13.9kg500kg £6,000
91450cm50cm14kg800kg £7,800
102450cm50cm16.8kg800kg £11,590
111450cm60cm17kg800kg £8,500
122450cm60cm19.5kg800kg £12,600
131450cm70cm19kg800kg £9,300
142450cm70cm21.5kg800kg £13,700
151500cm50cm19kg900kg £8,400
162500cm50cm21.5kg900kg £12,300
171500cm60cm23kg900kg £9,200
182500cm60cm23.5kg900kg £13,500
191500cm70cm26kg900kg £10,000
202500cm70cm28.5kg900kg £14,700
211550cm50cm21kg1000kg £9,800
222550cm50cm23.5kg1000kg £13,100
231550cm60cm25kg1000kg £9,800
242550cm60cm27.5kg1000kg £14,400
251550cm70cm29kg1000kg £10,682
262550cm70cm31.5kg1000kg £15,600
271600cm50cm24kg1100kg £9,600
282600cm50cm26.5kg1100kg £13,909
291600cm60cm28kg1100kg £10,500
302600cm60cm30.5kg1100kg £15,300
311600cm70cm32kg1100kg £11,300
322600cm70cm34.5kg1100kg £16,500


  • Square shape prevents warping when walking on the surface
  • No corrosion
  • Anti-slip on walking surface with a design of choice
  • Integrated wheels with eyes to attach rope
  • Customise options include choice of designs & name/logo
  • Sleek design for easy stowage
  • Light enough to float

Technical Data

  • Length: 220cm/ 260cm / 320cm
  • Width: 35cm / 35cm or 45cm / 45cm
  • Weight: 8kg / 9kg or 14.5kg/16.5kg
  • Static load capacity: 250kg / 300kg / 300kg
  • Standard colours: white & dark blue
  • Also available a custom colour to match
  • Teak laid horizontally or vertically
  • Choice of colours in the non-slip, now also available the ‘teak look’


  • Add your boat name
  • Choose a colour and pattern for the non-slip
  • Add Teak non-slip or a teak surface
  • Choose a custom colour


All of our gangways have an option to be fitted with a handrail, and include a design and choice of colour for the non-slip

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