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Feathering Propellers

J Prop propellers are the perfect choice for all sailing yachts. It is strong, efficient and easy to install and adjust. The blades all feather through 180 degrees to create a minimum amount of drag while sailing and superb performance in reverse.

The J Prop, unlike some other feathering propellers, comes completely assembled, enabling the user with standard shaft dimensions to install the prop with no prior adjustments.

Design Features:

Helical Gears

J Prop uses only helical (or continuously engaged) gears, resulting in two distinct advantages:

Differentially Geared Pitch Adjustment

The pitch setting is determined by the amount of rotation the planetary gears are allowed by the internal stop in the adjustable tail-cone.  As the shaft (C) and the drive gear (B) rotate clockwise, the planetary gears (G) rotate the blades (F).  The pitch gear (E) rotates counter- clockwise in this differential system.  The housing remains stationary until the blades and pitch gear have rotated to the internal stop and therefore the pitch setting


Elliptical Blade

J Prop Ratings

63mm hub – up to 60 HP
83mm hub – 55 to 100 HP
93mm hub – 90 to 140 HP
116mm hub – 120 to 240 HP
145mm hub – 145 to 400 HP




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