Combination of marine instruments in a cool design


The Jewellery maker Wempe of Hamburg, is now presenting its new Commander series, the latest highlight in maritime precision engineering.  This neat combination instrument shows at a glance all the crucial data that is required on board, elegantly  presented in a matte black wooden casing with a minimalist design , which fits perfectly into the interiors of any modern yacht.  An increasing number of customers who enjoy ‘all things maritime’ are using these instruments in their homes and offices.

The Commander is the second ‘classic’ in a modern design to be produced by Wempe, the first being the Navigator series. In the Commander, a quartz timepiece, a barometer, a thermometer and a hygrometer have been combined in a matt-finish nickel-plated brass casing set in a matt black wooden frames and screwed shut.  The understated displays have black dials and with red hands, reduced to the bare essentials creating a complete functional design in this new combination instrument

Wempe Chronometerwerke (Hamburg) have more than a century’s worth of experience and expertise in the construction of marine chronometers. Today the company’s state of the art technology makes it a leader in the global market, and many commercial ships, research ships, cruise ships and luxury liners such as MS Europa, MS Deutchland and the Queen Victoria rely on Wempe’s chronometer technology. Private yacht owners worldwide and been navigating for decades with the help of data provided by the Wempe instruments.

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