Seawork Exhibition 16 – 18 June 2015

Seawork 2015 – Bringing you the best in LED Technology, High Holding Power Anchors & Lightweight Carbon Hatches.

At Seawork 2015, Calibra Marine Equipment are showcasing a wide range of the best and latest in LED lights, certified ‘high holding’ anchors & lightweight composite hatches. A great opportunity to see, touch and feel our extensive range of quality products and talk to our technical team.

Seawork 2015

Seawork 2015 is being held from Tuesday 16th June to Thursday 18th June at ABP Southampton, UK.


We’ll have Lights at the show

Further developments in LED technology means brighter, and if required, warmer light and a greater choice in fittings. Lights built to reduce energy consumption and to last in harsh environments, without compromising the functionality or the environment.

50-watt-led-flood-light     portable rechargable 10w LED floodlight

  • Replacement LED fixtures for the old style T8 fluorescent fixtures and the old style PLC down lights, which contained large amounts of mercury and are detrimental to the environment.

Tri-Proof Light     Oceanus white back-up circuit     Oceanus red circuit

  • The newly developed range of recessed LED downlights from 170lm to 1050lm, diameter which ranges from 55mm to 114mm for both interior and external applications. IP67, switchable white to red. Easy installation, competitively priced.

5586WH     5581SS REWH (1)

  • Waterproof LED flexible reading light, giving excellent light and perfect  for use on the flybridge, or any exterior position! and a range of chartlights with built-in functionality of switching red/white or blue/white.

Prebit Flex 05 IP68     flex-05

We’ve also got Anchors to show you

Certified FOB Anchors. From lightweight anchors, an ideal anchor for ribs and tenders, to a selection of steel anchors with type approval by the BUREAU VERITAS.OD. Certified as ‘High Holding Power Anchors’, their unique design gives excellent holding power.

Available in Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel or Stainless Steel 316L, HP 4Kg – 200Kg, Swell 20Kg – 750Kg, Rock 8Kg – 90Kg.


FOB LIGHT Anchor     FOB HP Anchor     FOB SWELL     FOB ROCK Anchor

Speak to us about Composite Flush Deck Hatches

Composite materials like carbon fibre or fibreglass, have all the advantages of being durable, lightweight with no corrosion.

More than 30 standard and custom hatches are manufactured. Rectangular, square or trapezoidal shape with stainless hinges and gas struts. A choice of stainless steel or aluminium handles and dog-locks by Solimar. The hatches can be glued, laminated or even bolted to the deck.

They are designed to be durable and a simple and proper maintenance.

All Solimar hatches are CE certified.

solimar tvb hatch      solimar painted tvb hatch

We look forward to seeing you at Seawork!

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